Down with World Trade

  1. Down with world trade. World trade is largely unnecessary and a waste of energy. Local communities everywhere can be self-sufficient within ten years. It would be cheaper to grow mangoes and bananas in Paris under big greenhouses than to fly them in everyday from Cameroun. Let’s bring back the days of sail. The Japanese already have big ships with sail power.
  2. Down with industry. Destroy the industrial state. Industry is not cost-effective. Let’s bring back agriculture. Convert the streets and rooftops of Paris to gardens. Let’s all become farmers.
  3. Down with the petro-chemical industry. No more recording industry. Instead of spending so much time and energy on records, why not take up the guitar and become a master musician?
  4. Down with Dokumenta. International art fairs will not be truly international until they include artists from around the world. The arts of Asia and Africa are always seen as “folklorique.” This perpetuates the myth of European intellectual superiority. Why does French radio never play any African music? African music will take over in the eighties. “L’Afrique commence à la Loire,” Robert Filliou. India begins at the Danube.
  5. We are fighting World War Three. Hard war and soft war. Soldiers with guns and tourists with cameras. Let’s fight the Food War. The hungry are our front-line troops. We have to supply them with ammunition, that is to say, food. Therefore, we must use our defense budgets to develop agriculture.

Catalogue essay for the exhibition, SOUTH/NORTH: Toward a new world cultural disorder, Kate Craig and Hank Bull, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, October 2 – November 22, 1981